Recently, the latest Exchange Security report from independent analysts at ICO rating has been disclosed and around 16% of the biggest cryptocurrencies has received an A rating but none of the cryptocurrency managed to get an A+. Bitfinex, one of the leading cryptocurrencies got A- rating. Kraken, Robinhood, and Poloniex got A, and A- rating and are ranked as the top three security exchanges across the world. For more information related to Bitfinex, feel free to dial Bitfinex customer service number and get out of the box solutions from the professionals who are active around the clock to assist you.

As per the reports, not even a single exchange got A+ ratings. Though two exchanges ( 1.5%) received a solid A rating and rest 16% of exchanges fell within A or A- category and rest rated as C+, C, or C-.

The ranking was done on the basis of four security categories: user account security, registrar and web security, domain security and DoS attack protection for around 135 crypto trading platforms whose daily trade value exceeds $100,000. These four security categories were further divided into an array of tangible testing factors: for user security, the report assessed four criteria — including password security and two-factor authentication and it came as a result that around 22% them met all these four factors.

In aspects to the domain as well as registrar security that include safeguards like six-month expiration window for high-profile domains and a registry lock, around 3% of exchanges fell under this criteria. However. Web security factor was more into the picture which was examined on the basis of 10 criteria including fortification from clickjacking attacks, man-in-the-middle (MITM) attack protection, and HSTS header presence. Around 74% of exchanges were come out positive and safe on the factor of protection against Denial-of-Service (DoS) attacks.

As per ICO Rating’s, Coinbase positioned on the ninth number with an A- rating along with that, BitMEX and Bitfinex got on the fourth position with A

–    rating. Binance which is considered as the world’s largest exchange by trading volumes got 34th rank with B+ rating whereas Gemini, the Winklevoss twins’ creating got the 84th position with B- rating. Huobi sealed at 95th position with B- rating.

It was good news that all exchanges were protected from MITM attacks, POODLE (an attack that exploits some browsers’ handling of encryption) and Heartbleed attacks. Heartbleed attacks involve the leaking of memory contents from the server to the client and from the client to the server.

Around 37% exchanges were found to be active in HSTS header, and around 60 % to be protected against clickjacking. In order to stay updated about Bitfinex exchange, you can call on Bitfinex Support number and get the required solutions and remedies in short-interval of time under the superlative assistance. You can contact the executives anytime to get the best results and outcomes. Contact the professionals and remove the worries from the roots at fingertips under their guidance and support. The team is always there to serve you the best.