Blockchain is one of the most rapidly budding cryptocurrency organizations on the globe. It is also regarded as one of the most trusted companies by users which provides them to trade their currency in a safe and secure manner. It is gaining immense popularity in different parts of the world and countries across the globe are welcoming Blockchain with open arms and embracing it. Some countries are ready to invest a huge amount in Blockchain relates projects. One such country is South Korea. Dial Blockchain phone number and get remedies related to the errors and troubles you face while trading on Blockchain.

South Korea government is on its way to heavily invest in the projects related to Blockchain in 2019. If the reports are to be believed the ministry of Science and ITC are ready to invest an eye-spinning amount of USD 18 million in 2019. The investment forecasted for this year has almost escalated to double from last year can the investment was USD 10 million in 2018. It’s safe to say South Korea trusts Blockchain projects.

As per the reports, the launch of 12 Blockchain oriented projects is on the agenda of the ministry along with boosting at least three start-up projects with USD 1.3 million this year. These three startups will be delighted with the support from the ministry itself.

In order to enhance their import and export activities the ministry is also joining forces with ministry of oceans and fisheries and Busan, biggest port in the country for a one-year pilot initiative through which the shipping authorities will allow logistics companies and administrators to share information in real time through suburbanized platform with the aid of Blockchain technology.

South Korea is very optimistic about its Blockchain technology-oriented projects. The government is aspiring to amalgamate Blockchain technology extensively in its import and export activities – flagging shipping industry in particular. As per the figures released by the world shipping council, Busan is ranked as the world’s fifth busiest cargo port across the globe. South Korea is the sixth biggest export economy in the world. The government is hoping to build on this platform and looking to escalate to unassailable heights with the assistance of Blockchain technology.

Although the ministry is looking walk hand in hand with Blockchain technology, it is still circumspect about the cryptocurrency-oriented policy hence the ministry wants to maintain a healthy distance from cryptocurrency, with the country still contemplating whether or not to make alterations to country’s blanket initial coin offering (ICO)ban. The government is due to make their decision known in regard to ICO. According to some reports, some progress has been made on the ICO issue but the government’s stance in this matter clearly points at the fact that it’s not going to rush it’s a decision. Dial Blockchain number and get rid of errors in short-interval of time.

A ministry of Science and ICT official clearly stated that both the sectors are not to be considered in the same bracket and said “We are responsible for the Blockchain industry – the [regulatory] Financial Services Commission is responsible for cryptocurrencies. The two sectors must be considered as distinct from one another.”