Founded in the year 2012 and Hong Kong-based Company, Bitfinex is the leading cryptocurrency exchange across the world. Since its inception, it has been considered as the largest platform for cryptocurrency trading. The system is available in three languages like English, Chinese and Russian. This exchange is applicable to both Android and IOS. To be updated about the latest happenings, feel free to contact the professionals via Bitfinex customer care number which is active all the time to provide aid to you.

We all know, Bitfinex is not free from technical errors and glitches. There are numerous errors that occur while working on Bitfinex. One such error is canceling of withdrawal. Check out the reasons behind this error:

  1. a) Cancelled withdraws takes place usually when the users don’t confirm the withdrawal via a link which is being sent on the email address of the user which is linked to the Bitfinex account. Users are provided with the time limit of 12 hours in which they have to confirm withdrawal requests prior the withdrawal gets automatically canceled.

If users are unable to do confirmation on time, the request automatically gets canceled by the platform.


It could also exist that confirmation link automatically gets into the spam folder of the email account. You have to assure that the confirmation email has not been sent to the spam folder or any other due to the filter used in the email account. Make sure to re-submit the withdrawal request and confirm through the link in the confirmation email.


If you are still unable to follow the steps, you can contact the team any time and they will assist you further.

  1. b) If your account is on withdrawal because of the latest security change, withdrawals will be automatically gets canceled. If the account is on hold, a notification will be displayed on the page where you have to submit a new withdrawal request.
  2. c) If you have not entered “send to” address or other withdrawal parameters correctly, a withdrawal will be canceled. Assure to check and re-check that you are entering the correct and complete address. You can also do copy and paste thing, to avoid typographical errors.
  3. d) Usually, a Fee charge can create a minor negative balance that can be resolved by transferring funds from one wallet to another. If you have a negative balance in your account in any of the wallets, no withdrawal will be accepted until the negative balance is developed. Your new withdrawal request will be automatically canceled until the negative balance is resolved.

If you are still unable to handle issues and glitches on your own, you are advised to speak to the team of professionals who work day and night to assist their users. They make sure to attend and resolve queries of every user despite any trouble. You can contact them via dialing Bitfinex customer support number which is operational for 24 hours in a day. You can connect with them and get rid of your problems immediately.