Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO and Founder of huge social media platform Facebook, showed his deep interest in using Blockchain technology as an authentication tool on the platform which has been created by him. He did all the discussion during a public conversation with Harvard Law professor Jonathan Zittrain, along with that, he also had a discussion over usage of Blockchain for the power of data-sharing with third-party apps back to users. For more information related to Blockchain, feel free to call on blockchain number (800) 861-8259 which is all the time to assist you. The team of professionals is always at their duty to nullify your issues in the least possible time.


Blockchain authentication of third-party apps

He clearly mentioned that he wants to use Blockchain for an best authentication of third-party apps, further he added that this step would replace Facebook Connect with the fully distributed system. He even shared his present scenario that he hasn’t discovered the way for this work. He admitted that, transforming Facebook into a decentralization network would not be possible as certain aspects of principally, you put your information and store it in on decentralized system and providing the benefit of log into places without crossing the go-between stage, Mark shared his ideas which he was exploring.


Previously last year, there were rumors that Facebook was pondering about its Blockchain research efforts, building a new company with an aim to know the methods about the Blockchain technology which can be influenced by the company. There was other anecdote raised in December that Facebook might work on its stable coin in order to transfer money through Facebook-owned messaging app WhatsApp. As per reports, at the time of an attainment hunt for crypto and Blockchain related startups, Facebook was reportedly contemplating deals worth tens of millions of dollars. The company presently has 14 job listings for its Blockchain team.


In present scenario, Facebook is the leading social media platform which has highest number of users and similarly, Blockchain has emerged as the growing platform and in future, it is going to increase tremendously. Sometimes the users don’t get the right technique and get in touch with the team of skilled professionals who’re always there to guide you. It would be interesting and adventurous to see if Facebook goes with the Blockchain technology for the better scenario. Whenever you get in any trouble while using Blockchain, instead of getting panic, you can always speak to someone who has complete knowledge about the Blockchain industry and have years of experience in resolving the problems immediately. To avail the best services, you can always get in touch with the team by dialing Blockchain customer Service number (800) 861-8259 which is active all the time. Forget your worries and avail the best possible solutions to remove your errors.



Mark Zuckerberg interview For Blockchain


This year I’m hosting a series of discussions on the future of technology and society. Here’s the first one with Harvard Law Professor Jonathan Zittrain.I joined his seminar and we covered topics including information fiduciaries, encryption, decentralized services, governance, fighting misinformation, different business models, privacy innovation, and future research areas.I found his ideas fascinating. We spoke for almost two hours and still only got through about a third of what we hoped to discuss. I’m looking forward to continuing this series soon and covering more topics beyond the internet.

Gepostet von Mark Zuckerberg am Mittwoch, 20. Februar 2019