Gold Label List of Crypto projects

The World’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume, Binance, has once again hit the charts of Blockchain headlines by announcing a new project which will be Industry standard Gold Label List of Crypto projects. This year has been very busy for the company as Binance not only shifted its headquarters to the European Island of Malta, but now the company is in the process of launching the world’s First ‘Blockchain Bank”. In order to deal with the Binance queries and troubles, you can dial Binance Support number which is functional around the clock.

By the end of this busy year 2018, the exchange is also planning to add one more project in its kitty. The Binance platform has announced that they have just launched a list of what it deems “Gold Label” cryptocurrency projects.  The Binance info is the specific entity behind the Gold Label list which is a side project of the main Binance trading platform. The Binance Info field provides wide information associated with more than 1,000 Blockchain asset projects that include real-time market pricing, trading volume, and overall project analysis. The motive behind this podium is to provide an impartial space to be sure whether a project is worth backing for the cryptocurrency community.

As per the reports by the medium post, the Binance used to announce the list, the 30 projects that were snapped need to go through a rigid verification process. As per the announcement, all the cryptocurrencies that go through the cut are projects that” keep Blockchain traders upgraded and aware about the happenings. Meanwhile, the Binance team made it very clear that the list will not be restricted to the 30 projects that are under the Gold Label list.  In contrast to that, all projects have the time to apply for the listing as long as they are able to meet the least expectations which are entirely based on transparency and regularly updating investors. To deal with Binance errors, you can call on Binance helpdesk number which is functional all day and night to guide the users.


Binance Gold Label list is that of TRON

As per the terms of market capitalization,  the biggest project that made the Binance Gold Label list is that of TRON. The Chinese-based project, which is at number 10 at the tenure of writing with an overall market capitalization of $1 billion that aims to revolutionize the digital space by decentralizing the World Wide Web. As per the theoretical term, Gold Standard list is a good ideaas this scheme has the capacity to motivate cryptocurrency project leaders to keep token holders informed all the times. Additionally, it has the potential to red flag unlit projects that might have stayed under the radar.   While dealing with the Binance errors and technical glitches, you can directly contact the team of skilled and talented executives who are there to assist you. Whenever you are in doubt, feel free to speak to the team of tech-geeks by dialing a Binance support phone number which is the path to release all your problems in no time.

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