Jaxx wallet is well-known and versatile cryptocurrency wallets across the globe and was created in the year 2014. It supports Ethereum, Dash, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.  It was founded by Anthony Diiorio and the company behind it is Decentral which is the leading Blockchain Company in Canada. If you ever come across any sort of error while using Jaxx wallet, you can call on Jaxx support number which is accessible all day and night and is the accessible medium to get in touch with the experts to tackle with your problems.

Operating Jaxx wallet is accessible but sometimes users don’t get the right steps and get in trouble. One of the common errors is not able to update Jaxx on Desktop. Well, there is no rocket science used behind updating of Jaxx wallet. Check out the steps :

  1. a) Well, there is no need to perform extra steps in order to update the latest version as desktop versions of Jaxx automatically gets updated.
  2. b) You have to visit Jaxx.io to download the latest version in case your device doesn’t accept the latest version itself.
  3. c) You have to make sure that you have written 12-word Backup Phrase in the same sequence before updating.



Delve into the features of Jaxx wallet to know the reason behind the popularity of Jaxx wallet:


  1. a) User-friendly Interface: Jaxx interface is handy and easy to use for the beginners also. The wallet has features like a new portfolio module, Blockchain news section, market data, and block explorers.
  2. b) Ownership and Control: The right of full ownership and control over the private keys is given to the Jaxx users. The keys are produced using the means of entropy algorithm that helps in creating a unique as well as an unpredictable private key on your local device for the cryptocurrencies. These keys can’t be shared or sent to other servers. Only the users have access to their private keys that are stored in their blockchains and can be accessed through using a 12-word Masterseed.
  3. c) Multi-Platform support – Jaxx supports almost 8 platforms that include iOS, Android mobile devices, and desktop computers.
  4. d) Multi-Currency Support – Jaxx is popular for supporting over 85 numerous cryptocurrencies and there is an addition of more currencies on a continuous basis.
  5. e) Shapeshift Integration – This is the unique feature of Jaxx wallet and is not available on most of the other wallets. The ability to exchange cryptocurrency from within the wallet. It and is handy as well as an easy way to spread and be able to manage your crypto portfolio

We all know that Jaxx wallet is easy to use but still most of the time users get into an error which are hard to resolve. To get the best support and service within quick time, get in contact with the professionals via Jaxx helpdesk number which is functional all the time and is the easiest way to share your problems with the team who is responsive and have solutions related