Permitting the trading over 300 cryptocurrencies, Hitbtc is considered as one of the leading cryptocurrencies in the crypto space. The exchange was launched in the year 2003 by Estonian and Israeli specialists and entrepreneurs. It is a quite interesting fact that more than 40% of transactions on the platform are done with Bitcoin (BTC) and along with that, the exchange is available in English and Chinese language as well.  Hitbtc provides best services to its clients but sometimes due to technical and non-technical errors, users get engaged in errors which are difficult to resolve by them, therefore, the need for supreme assistance is required. If you indulge in any of the errors, you’re advised to speak to the team of professionals who’re always there to assist you. Dial Hitbtc customer support phone number (800) 861-8259 which is always there to resolve your queries in a jiffy.


Attracting features about Hitbtc exchange:

  • You can start trading on this platform at any amount as there are no rules of minimum deposit.
  • Another benefit of using Hitbtc is its low fees. The transaction and trading fees are 0.1% which is largely less than the other exchanges.
  • The exchange offers over 400 cryptocurrencies for trading.
  • The process of registration on Hitbtc is smooth and expeditious. You’re required to enter your email, insert a strong password, and you will be given a verification code or a link will be sent to your email within seconds.

There are oodles of errors which come in the path of users while trading on Hitbtc. And, no one can escape from such errors without the assistance lest they have knowledge about the Hitbtc industry. One such error pops up when you try to deposit/transfer/withdraw funds and you see the message ‘An error occurred”.

  • You are advised to open your Hitbtc account in Google Chrome and try the procedure once again.
  • If you are already using Chrome, you have to clear up browser cache, this step helps in most of the cases.
  • Apart from that, VPN turning off might help you and can work properly.


Hitbtc errors by dialing Hitbtc Customer Support

After following the above methods and steps, if you are still unable to remove the error on your own, you can dial Hitbtc support number (800) 861-8259 which is all the time active to help you out in every difficult situation. You will be connected with one of the professionals of the super-talented team which has all the knacks to overcome the issues in no time. After connecting with them, you can discuss your issue and trouble with the professional and in return, you will be proffered with accessible and handy solutions. The professional provides step-wise assistance so that you don’t get into further troubles. The professionals are responsive and make sure to erase all your errors and fully assist you in every situation whether trivial or complex. Whenever you get into issues, feel free to get in touch with the team and avail the best possible solutions and remedies.