Cryptocurrency is not a new word and not even a single trader or investor skips any news about virtual currencies and world. People have already invested in this market and experienced the ups and downs. They are well aware of the trading techniques and they want to explore information about popular wallets, coins and exchanges. Binance is among the most talked cryptocurrency exchange. People have so many confusions about it and there are so many queries about this exchange that should be resolved. If you want to have complete knowledge about this most talked exchange, then you should read this guide.

Binance took less time in getting popularity in hosting crypto to crypto trades. Real world money is not accepted here. As we said, it took less time in gaining immense recognition. It was established by Changpeng Zao in 2017 in China but soon shifted to Japan due to strict rules and regulations in China. People have started using it as there are so many benefits associated with it.  You should be well aware of the advantages that make you fall for it.

It can list huge list of different cryptocurrencies and you can find more than 100 different alt coins available at this exchange that may range from LTC, ETH to XZC to CMT. Low fee is another advantage of using it. Binance fee is the lowest when it comes to trade crypto to crypto. You are just charged 0.1% on each and every trade. If we talk about deposits, then they are free of any charge. Sometimes you have to pay some charges on withdrawals. Most of the cryptocurrency exchanges work in same manner but withdrawal fee may be different and depends on coins and their value.  If value of coin increases, withdrawal fee will also increases.

If you are a regular trader on Binance, then you can have an opportunity to win the prizes that may change time to time. This exchange is also popular for listing new virtual currencies. If security is your priority when it comes to choose any cryptocurrency exchange, then you can count on it.

Binance is secure and you are asked to set up 2FA while getting registered with it. 2FA is to add an extra security layer that allows you to get a special code to the registered mobile number when you log in to it. You will also get this code at the time when you want to trade, log in and withdraw funds. You can make the most of these benefits and make your trading more safe and secure.

If you face any issue associated with log in, creating account, withdraw money, deposit, trade, buy and sell, you can make the most of the Binance customer support services. You can also get such help from forums, blogs and third party customer support service providers. Wallet online can be the right spot to get instant solution for your queries associated with Binance.