Will blockchain replace the present payment process? A couple of specialists from inverse sides of the issue shared their perspectives amid the recent Money20/20 conference. And keep in mind that the session was structured as a discussion, the moderators concurred that blockchain technology’s job continues to advance, particularly with respect to transaction settlement times and scalability. Tony Hayes, an accomplice at Oliver Wyman, an administration consultancy, directed the discussion.

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Existing payment frameworks utilize fluctuating technical protocols and APIs, according to Schwartz, and they are not sufficiently incorporated with each other since they utilize diverse technical protocols and require distinctive APIs.



Blockchain – A Safer And Faster Way To Make Payment –

  • Banks are utilizing web and versatile interfaces that Schwartz characterized as “bandages” that don’t work legitimately for either consumers or banks.
  • He compared the present payment frameworks to postal mail, which has been generally replaced by email. He claimed blockchain technology is another payment technology that will displace existing systems.

“The present payment frameworks will be replaced by new payment frameworks,” said Schwartz, who further claimed that blockchain and appropriated record technology will be utilized for in excess of a fourth of all transactions by 2023. “On the off chance that you can’t move cash, you’re feeling the loss of an extremely critical piece,” he said.



A Different View – How Users Can Get Benefit-

  1. In a few tests, Blockchain technology possesses reduced settlement energy for payments, Pigg acknowledged, however, companies have not possessed the capacity to scale this advantage. She said some block chains have been found to have calculation inaccuracies.
  2. Pigg developed the issue of settlement time in an article on her company’s site, which noticed that Blockchain test results so far are blended. A pilot message by Western Union neglected to produce time or dollar funds, she composed

Pigg likewise disagreed with the generally held claim that Blockchain reduces costs because it takes out go-between gatherings from financial transactions. She indicated her very own experience downloading a Bitcoin wallet at a Bitcoin ATM.

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