During the recent panel presented by Crypto exchange on January 25, 2019, Nouriel Roubini one of the cryptocurrency critics stated that the Blockchain is no way better than an excel spreadsheet. In a bid to know more about Roubini for the ones who don’t know much about him, it has also been stated that he predicted about the financial crisis in the year 2008, netting him the name of Dr. Doom. You can contact the talented and skilled executives to resolve all your errors associated with Blockchain. Dial Blockchain Phone number and get the solutions in quick time.

At the panel of Blockchain Economic Forum in Davos, Roubini defined Blockchain as the vaunted technology and stated that Bitcoin, as well as other cryptocurrencies, are the mother of all bubbles. He also put his point during the talk that crypto as well as Blockchain has no association with Fintech and also, with private distributed ledge technology (DLT).

As per the views of Roubini, Private DLT is just a fancy database as it is neither decentralized nor distrustful. He also picks out points stating that, like, DLT, central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) have zilch to do with Blockchain and crypto. Roubini considered CBDCs as the pathway to expand their right to use to the central bank registration to everyone, in spite of granting access to banks only.

In addition to it, he also shared his notion that CBDCs is going to dominate cryptocurrencies soon and going to modify banking in comprehensive ways. Likewise, he predicted the change in finance and disappearing of cash,  due to Fintech and also, have the opinion that blockchain and crypto have no role in this revolution.

He openly criticized which he labeled as the tokenization of everything, “elucidating that preferring token for everything is as similar to going back to the bargaining. Moving ahead, he mentioned the famous Flintstones cartoon which has currency and how they are famous, disagreeing that tokenization is way shoddier than that.

He pointed out that neither government nor regulator, is going to allow the use of anonymity-centric cryptocurrencies such as Monero when he was asked about privacy. Though his negative comment over cryptocurrency is not a new thing as previously last year, he declared that, as per him, 99% of cryptocurrencies are equal to zero and worthless.

Blockchain was invented in the year 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto in order to work as the public distribution ledger of the cryptocurrency bitcoin. It was invented for bitcoin and hence, considered as the first digital currency to resolve the double-spending problems.  For more information related to Blockchain or you get into any sort of errors while working on Blockchain, contact the experts via Blockchain customer support number which is functional all the time to assist you. The team is there to serve you the best because customer satisfaction is their first priority and they do it flawlessly.