The world’s largest cryptocurrency as per trading volume, Binance, has cleared a new demo video for its decentralized exchange i.e. Dubbed Binance DEX prior to its ship at the beginning of the year 2019. Got released on Wednesday, the video depicts the Binance DEX trading interface with a web crypto wallet, in addition to, the explorer for Binance’s native public Blockchain, Binance chain, which is going to be made on the tesetnet basis soon. For more information, call on Binance Phone number which is functional throughout the year for assistance and help.

It seems as Binance DEX is going to have the same interface just like its current centralized exchange and there will be the addition of some new features as well. For an instance, it has an option of generating a 24-word helpful seed phrase for the private keys of the users, a “balance tab’ is also there to tell the users about the status of their accounts and a user icon is also there in the navigation bar that displays individual wallet addresses.

Now, the individual can look for an individual block and view transactions that are included in a particular block within the Blockchain explorer as explained in the demo. As per the security purpose, the funds of users on the DEX will be protected with decentralized wallet applications like Trust wallet, that store’s device only on user’s device and is a server-free infrastructure. It means only the users have to go the access to their funds.

The Binance DEX which was revealed in March 2019 is built on its own Binance chain has an aim to provide low latency, high throughput trading, as well as decentralized custody of funds. The traders can send and receive Binance’s own BNB tokens and other coins as well through trading pairs in DEX. It is also added that BNB is currently on ERC-20 token and will soon be switched to Binance chain upon its mainnet launch.  To resolve your queries by accessing the assistance from professionals, who are active all day and night throughout the year by dialing Binance helpline number.

Though the first video demo was released in August which consisting of a command line interface which are the basics of issuing, listing, and trading crypto assets. Meanwhile, In June, Huobi – the Singapore –based cryptocurrency exchange also announced its plan to transform into an individual decentralized exchange via offering to fund for developer assistance in creating an open-sourced Blockchain protocol. You may get in touch with the professionals, to clear your doubts related to Binance by dialing Binance customer support phone number which is functional around the clock.

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